I often hear people say they plan for a Cheat meal or a Cheat day with their nutrition plan. When I hear this, it makes me very sad. One of the things we focus on when working with Nutrition clients is learning how to change behavior patterns to maintain these habits for life long healthy living. One of the things we've found helps with this is focusing on the what's going well. You may say we're looking at everything through Rose colored glasses by looking for the positive. Well too bad, positive reinforcement is going to have a much better impact than focusing on the negative.

This is the definition of



a person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain and advantage

"a liar and a cheat"

That's just straight out bad...Why would we plan for that in life, our nutrition or workout plan.

Instead this is the definition of



an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

"he wanted to take her to the movies as a treat"

If you decide to have cake at a birthday party or desert for your anniversary are you cheating or did you give yourself a TREAT! It's a damn TREAT, you're special and deserve to be treated that way. Calling yourself a cheater is plain old mean.

With our Nutrition plans we focus on Positive Reinforcement.

This helps people feel good about their choices, which motivates them to increase behaviors that bring reward. Praise and positive reinforcement usually produces both short-term and long-term benefits helping us learn helpful habits that will prove beneficial throughout life.

Basically every-time we say we're having a cheat meal we're talking down to our self and we may not feel so great about it. Try saying: I'm going to have a Treat and see what happens. You might only be tempted to have a single Treat and not blow your entire week of hard work. Also, you might feel better about yourself looking at the bright side.

Give yourself a break and stop being mean. You deserve better!

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Sara Benson
Nutrition Coach, Pilates Instructor, CrossFit Trainer