Tuna Avocado Boats

I've always been asked how did you make that? Luckily for me playing in the kitchen has always been fun. I realize it's not so that easy for everyone else. I'm embarking on a new effort to share my Kitchen Adventures with the world.

Today’s lunch was something I threw together in about 15 min start to finish!

Here is what I did!


8oz of Tuna Steak
1 - Lime
1 - Jalapeno
1/2- Small Avocado
1 cup Tomato
1 Small Endive
Seasoning of Choice (salt, pepper, garlic powder, old bay, you name it)

Step 1: Season the Tuna and grill to your preferred temperature. I like my tuna served medium-rare about 2 min per side

Step 2: Dice Jalapenos, chop tomatoes and quarter the lime

Recipe-Park City Nutrition Coach

Step 3: Chop tuna and mix avocado, tomatoes, and Jalepeno together. 

Step 4: Squeeze lime juice into mixture and gently toss!

Step 5: Fill endive boats with mixture and serve. 

Recipes in Park City Dietitian approved

We had this lovely combination with Grilled Broccoli

Sara Benson Nutrition Coach