Spring Cleaning

Last weekend I was getting ready to go grocery shopping and took a look in our Pantry, Freezer and Refrigerator to see what we needed. I had one of those ah-ha moments. The Kitchen I was looking at looked completely different than what my kitchen looked like 10-15 years ago. I took a moment and thought when did this happen? I asked myself a few questions.

Did this happen overnight?

When did these changes first start happening?

Why did they stick?

One of your first questions might be well what does it look like? Don't worry I've included a few pictures for so you can see how we really live. Our Pantry, Refrigerator, and Freezer includes mostly ingredients and whole foods that's it. Yes I do still have some baking supplies since sometimes you do need to bake!

The answers to my questions above really helped me understand how the change happened.

No it didn't happen overnight, but once I made the decision to get rid of the processed and pre-packaged food it was gone

They first started happening when I was around 27 and I started working with a personal Trainer and wanted to loose the weight I had put on during college and kept for awhile.

This is a loaded question, but I think the best answer is I had support and accountability from first my trainer, then family

The summer is fast approaching how have you been doing with you health and fitness goals. We want to help and one of the simple and easiest things to do is remove temptation. For many of us that temptation lives inside our very own Pantry, Refrigerator, and Freezer.

Part 1: The Pantry
Part 2: The Freezer
Part 3: The Refrigerator

This week we'll be focusing on the Pantry! Here are some tips of what to remove from your pantry. If you're like me and you don't like to waste and that's what's holding you back from removing something there are plenty of places you can donate unopened food. In fact if you're at a loss we'll take it.

The Pantry:

With the introduction of pre-made convenience food our modern day pantries have become a storage place for all sorts of temptations that can easily sabotage all our best efforts when trying to live a healthy, balanced, clean lifestyle.

So you want to eat clean and loose some weight? One of the big things we try and teach people is eating real foods.

A simple answer to real foods is how many ingredients does it have in it. In our house almost every single item in our pantry is an ingredient that is used to prepare meals. The exception is some low sugar kind bars (minimal ingredients) and some Rx Bars

To make things simple ask yourself these questions.

1. How many ingredients are in this?
2. Does it have more than 1?
3. Can I read the ingredients?

Things to stock up in you Pantry:

Oatmeal- ingredients Rolled oats....careful many of the instant ones are full of sugar
Brown Rice
Spices.....the more the merrier!
Natural Nut Butters


Pre-Made foods
Canned Soups
Unnecessary baking supplies (seriously who hasn't stuck their hand into a bag of chocolate chips when desperate for a sugar fix)

Want to know what's inside the Benson's Pantry? Here it is! Nothing to exciting. It's not much and not that exciting. We have a few simple ingredients to keep us fueled for the week.

Benson's Pantry.jpg

Stay tuned for next weeks tips on how to get your Refrigerator in tip top shape!

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Sara Benson
Nutrition Coach, Pilates Instructor, CrossFit Trainer