What's a Bright Spot?

What's a Bright Spot?

Here is a non scientific definition?

"A pleasant or successful event or period of time"

Welcome to MinersTown Nutrition and you’re about to find out why we try to focus on what has been going well!

This is the answer!

We want to identify what has been going right and amplify those successful practices. On top of that we want to have fun celebrating the good.

Most of us spend to much time focusing on what is wrong in the world, our lives, how we eat, how we look, etc. Doing this generally doesn't help us solve any problems. It just makes us feel, well... not so great. I'm sure we've all had this scenario at some point in life. Your really happy about something wanting to tell the whole world how awesome you did, only to have been met with: you should have done better.

I remember pretty clearly several times coming home from school super excited about doing well on a test and wanting to tell my father about it. Only to be greeted with you could have done better, what went wrong? My dad wasn't a bad parent, he was right, I probably could have been better, but those moments deflated my balloon.

Imagine if the situation was just a little bit different. What if I was greeted with that's awesome Sara I'm really proud of you! How did you do so well on this test? What are you going to try and do for you next quiz? I'm pretty sure I would have tried harder or set another goal for myself.

I challenge you from now on when you are thinking about your nutrition, fitness, or anything to really embrace and be proud of all your accomplishments. Celebrate them, do a dance, sing out loud , and tell someone else. It makes a difference.

I know since starting this practice I'm pretty happy when hear everyone's stories. On top of that I'm thinking about what went well instead of what went wrong.

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Sara Benson
Nutrition Coach