I was with a nutrition client and we were coming up with ideas on how to curb some temptations.  As I was listening to them tell me what they were feeling I thought I need to share one of my stories.  I told my client I 100% completely understand what you're going through and you are literally talking about me!

So here it goes....The last time we had Oreo's in our house.

We had a 2 packages of Oreo's in our house since I was making a cheesecake for a special occasion.  Guess what I didn't need all those Oreo's for my recipe.

The Cheesecake is made and the leftovers go in the pantry since who throws away perfectly good treats!  I'm good I can handle that temptation and just have one occasionally. Seriously we just put together this amazing decadent cheesecake to bring to a party. 


Here is how it goes.

I come home walk over to the pantry open the door and look at the oreo's. Proceed to close the pantry door and say to my self you don't need that you're not even hungry. I sit down on the couch for a minute (maybe 30 sec). I get up and go have 1 Oreo. That's it I tell myself one is enough.

I few minutes go by and I'm back in the pantry probably standing all the way in it having another one. Okay not so bad it's only two...dinner is in a little bit.

Husband comes in clearly doesn't have a sweet tooth he know's there are Oreo's in the cabinet why isn't he up having them asking me if I want one. Seriously what is wrong with this man. I wish he would go to the bathroom, take the dogs out maybe take a shower I need another one...

Thank god he's done watching TV and he's going to go mow the lawn. I'll just grab the bag sit on the couch and have a few more. No one will ever know and it will make less of a mess (no crumbs).

At this point I've resorted to full on cookie monster behavior or acting like a starved person that hasn't had food in weeks. Oh crap he's done with the lawn I better put this bag away and get the chocolate crumbs out of my teeth.

Fast forward a few hours. Husband chimes in with Hey Babe do you need me to help you get rid of those cookies. Oh no I'm found out he knows exactly what I've been doing.

Me: Yes please get rid of them, but let me have one more
Him: Okay I'll hide them
Me: You should probably throw them out
Him: Really? Can't I just hide them?
Me: No, I'll probably pull the kitchen apart looking for them.
Him: Okay :(
Me: In fact why don't you put them way down in the garbage with some other stuff on top of it.
Him: Really is it that bad?
Me: Yes for the love of god how can you not understand I need to eat them, I know I don't need them but I just can't stop myself.

Seriously this is all true stuff, except our conversation may have been a bit more colorful.

What did I do next and how can I stop this in the future. Here are few tips that help keep me out the crazy cycle.

We don't keep tempting items in our house (especially Oreo's)

If I'm planning on baking something I only get what I need
If I end up with leftovers it get's tossed.
If I really want a treat and need to have it I'll get a small single serve package.

I'm still not sure my reason for acting this way about certain foods, is it boredom, lake of self control who the heck knows. I'm still a work in progress just like all of us.

I recently read
"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Do you need help kicking your Cookie Monster Habit? Book a Free Consult, what do you have to LOSE?