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Sara BensoN
Owner, MinersTown Nutrition

Sara first started offering Nutrition Coaching in 2016 through Health Steps Nutrition in Virginia Beach, VA. She ran the program out of the CrossFit gym that she and her husband owned. When they relocated to the Park City area in 2019, Sara started MinersTown Nutrition.

After many years of trying to help her father, family members and clients find a healthy relationship with food and not being able to help them, Sara found MinersTown Nutrition. It’s the perfect fit and for each person we are able to help become a little bit healthier, as well as have the tools to live their longest/best life possible makes it all worth it. Whether that’s being able to play with your kids/grandkids or compete at the highest levels, we are here to help.

Oh and Sara loves food! Learning to have a balance between enjoyment and fuel can be a challenge for some, herself included.


Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Pilates Instructor
CrossFit: Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Mobility Trainer
Brand X Method Kids Certified

MinersTown Nutrition and the HSN Program

The pyramid says it all. Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

Our Nutrition program combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, no short-term.

Nutrition Pyramid Park City, Utah

Imagine the confidence you could have walking into the grocery store or a restaurant knowing exactly what you should eat to not only feel great but look great too! The internet is filled with diet plans, recipe plans, and other information. There are a lot of programs out there telling you what NOT to eat or how to replace meals with supplements or a shake, but what if we could attain this confidence through learning what TO eat and using whole foods with limited ingredients? Behold, a teaching program to build life-long skills one step at a time!

The program was developed by Nicole Aucoin, a Registered Dietitian and has been implemented in about 400 gyms across the world - helping over 10,000 clients worldwide!  



How Dan Lost 12% Body Fat eating Real Food
In 2016, I was 165 lbs and I had been that way for 4 years. Somewhere along the way, I started losing control and I gained 15 pounds.
In November of 2017 I started following the plan and now at 43 I’m a much happier and healthier Dan.
25 lbs and 12% Body Fat Lost!
How Val lost 5% body fat in 4 month
You get what you put in
— Val
How Ignacio lost 5 lbs in 4 weeks
I gained knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. I’m feeling amazing
— Iganacio
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